Chad Brannon (chad_b) wrote in nqc_undressed,
Chad Brannon

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*grins slightly*

Thanks Natalie for telling me about Undressed.

*takes my shirt off* There is that better? *rae*

Anyway, yes I am a self proclaimed sex addict. I love every bit of it.

My 3 most prized possessions are my water bed, my motorcycle and my trampoline.


Glad to meet you all.

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Your welcome hon. I have to pimp my second home.

*whistles* It's a start. We here, well maybe just me, don't believe in clothing if you don't want it. It's good to get naked...very good.

Sex is good....mmmmmm very very good.

Mmmm.....trampoline and water bed.....I need to get myself some of those things.

I agree with you. Sex is definitley good......*winks*

and you don't need to get yourself a water bed or a trampoline, just come over and share mine with me.
Hey welcome !